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Driving Key Words

Here are the driving key words we’ve collected and sorted in alphabetical order. Click the letter above to scroll to words starting with it.

"4WD" — 4 Wheel Drive

"ABS" — Anti-Blocking System

"AC" — Air Conditioner

"APC" — Automatic Performance Control

"Assy" — assembly

"AWD" — All Wheel Drive

"FWD" — Front-Wheel Drive

"CFI" — Central Fuel Injection

"DOHC" — Double OverHead Camshaft

"EFI" — Electronic Fuel Injection

"EGR" — Exhaust Gas Recirculation

"LHD" — Left Hand Drive

"LPT" — Light Pressure Turbo

"MON" — Motor Octane Number

"RHD" — Right Hand Drive

"RON" — Research Octane Number

"RWD" — Rear-Wheel Drive

"TCS" — Traction Control System

"TDC" — Top Dead Center

"VC" — Viscous Coupling

"VIN" — Vehicle Identification Number


AAMA — American Automobile Manufactures Association;


Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving is a style of driving when the driver does not have to use any Extreme Driving skills as all dangerous situations are prevented by the driver at a very early stage of hazard. This style came to Russia from the United States where it emerged in the 1980s and has proven to be very effective, since its philosophy is based on preventing RTAs regardless of other traffic participants’ actions and/or mistakes. “Pro-Bezopasnost” conducts trainings in Defensive Driving throughout Russian and the CIS.

Driving Distance — see Safe Driving Distance.


Extreme Driving — a style of driving when the driver escapes from dangerous and extreme traffic situations. Extreme drivers often provoke such near-miss situations to try and escape from them. This style is characterized by an increase of accident rate, strongly not recommended for corporate fleets, leads to consequences such as the driver’s skyrocketing self-esteem. The direct opposite of Extreme Driving is the Defensive Driving style, using which the driver prevents dangerous situations as opposed to escaping from them, by reacting to the very first symptoms of danger.


Safe Driving Distance
Safe Driving Distance is the length between the cars which allows to stop in case there’s an obstacle ahead. Russian Driving Regulations do not specify how long the distance must be to be safe; they just require to keep it. “Blame the rear” is the sad truth. If you collide with a car from behind, most likely you will be to blame since you tailgated. At our trainings, “Pro-Bezopasnost” teaches how to keep a safe distance. To join our courses, please read the page devoted to Defensive Driving training or contact our customer service.


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