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Defensive Driving

Training employees in Defensive Driving

Why is it essential to train the drivers in Defensive Driving?
Defensive Driving is a style of driving when a driver, regardless of the actions of others, in any circumstances, PREVENTS RTAs.
As soon as you hear the words “defensive driving” as the title of our course, you think, “Why defensive?” Let us make it clear from the start. The thing is, while improving driving mastery, we lead each student to skills and competencies of thought, applying which such individual simply can’t meet with an accident. Our teachers and trainers have molded an ideal of a safe driver: one who applies Defensive Driving principles and techniques to prevent RTAs regardless of what other people are doing on the road in any situation that might be. We regard “avoiding” and “preventing” as different things. The avoider is simply a lucky guy. The preventer, is someone who keeps doing things to prevent RTAs. The difference matters.

People driving in Defensive Driving style have everything depending only on them. Otherwise, only on luck.

There’s a difference between Defensive Driving and Extreme Driving. Extreme Driving lessons and training teach how to get out of dangerous situations and, unfortunately, encourage aggressive driving. Makes sense: a trained driver no longer fears those dangerous and critical situations.
If we look into it, Extreme Driving teaches you how to get out of dangerous and/or critical situations once you’re already in one. You’re trying to fix it. Indeed, there are clear explicit methods of fixing them, but the situations may vary up to over a million. How can you possibly assess and react correctly, when there’s no time for it? In Extreme Driving, if you do have a change of “getting away with it”, it’s fifty-fifty at best. This is why Extreme Driving cannot be safe by definition. It’s a myth and a misbelieve which we make the drivers realize at our courses. Extreme Driving is a remedy when you are already ill, you don’t feel well. Defensive Driving, in a way, is drivers illness prevention, since it teaches them to recognize the very first indications of danger and act accordingly, without any extreme maneuvers. Defensive Driving teaches to assess the threats, forecast further developments and act. This ensures accident-free driving in any conditions and any traffic situations.

We structure our Defensive Driving lessons to build drivers understanding of hazardous criteria which threaten the dangerous situation might go critical. Instead of teaching how to overcome road-traffic dangers, we teach how to prevent them as such.


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